A round-up of Big Game ads from automakers

The all-new 2018 Kia Stinger GT’s twin-turbo, 365-horsepower engine is put to use – in reverse – sending Steven Tyler on a transformative journey back to the seventies. (Image courtesy of Kia Motors America)

(Sinclair Broadcast Group) - There is literally one day a year I don’t fast forward through the commercials, and it was Sunday.

While I don’t care about football, I will watch the Super Bowl every year to check out the advertising menagerie that showcases some of the funniest, best-produced commercials we’ll see all year.

Then again, they better be pretty darn good because, according to Advertising Age, a 30-second spot costs around $5 million in 2018.

Automakers often create some of the catchiest commercials, and this year was no different. From Kia to Ram to Toyota, this year’s round of commercials tugged at the heartstrings or went for the laugh – some more successfully than others.

Here’s a round-up of the auto-related commercials for Super Bowl LII.

Ref to the Rescue / Hyundai Kona

Hyundai opts for humor with this one in a spot playing just before the Big Game begins. And you get a red card, and you get a red card, and you get a red card Game over. #HyundaiKona

Stories of Hope / Hyundai

In stark contrast to the Kona spot, this ad is a tear-jerker. The two-minute long spot starts with stories of kids fighting cancer, which might seem like a non-sequitur until the end of the commercial when you realize that a portion of the proceeds of every Hyundai sold goes to cancer research. #HopeComesStandard

The Road / Jeep Cherokee

This simple and quick 30-second spot from Jeep showcases the refreshed Cherokee, and while it doesn’t quite tug at the heartstrings, it does pull a little bit at your sense of adventure.

Jeep Jurassic / Jeep Wrangler

A little bit of humor, a little bit of adventure and Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum: How do you like it now, Mr. T-Rex? The new Wrangler sparks some imagination here, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Anti-Manifesto / Jeep Wrangler

Sometimes long, rambling speeches aren’t necessary. In 30 seconds, with some excellent video footage, Jeep did a pretty good job of making everyone who watched the commercial want a Wrangler.

Feel Something Again / Kia Stinger

Kia uses rock icon Steven Tyler to turn back the clock and show off some fancy driving with the all-new 2018 Kia Stinger. Don’t miss the Emerson Fittipaldi cameo, and the hidden message if you play the commercial in reverse. #KiaStinger

Black Panther / Lexus LS 500

Part movie promo, part car commercial, Lexus uses its connection to the upcoming “Black Panther” movie to show off the Janus-faced personality of the flagship sedan: one part athletic grace and one part pure elegance. #ExperienceAmazing

Good Odds / Toyota

Talk about tugging the heartstrings! Toyota showcases an amazing athlete – Lauren Woolstencroft who is training for the Paralympic games and has already won eight Paralympic gold medals. Toyota isn’t selling cars with this add, it's selling mobility. #StartYourImpossible

Mobility Anthem / Toyota

Continuing the mobility theme, this is another feel-good ad from Toyota – though not nearly as touchy-feely as “Good Odds.” The idea here is mobility for everyone, whether you’re 1 or 100 – “Because when you’re free to move, anything is possible.” #StartYourImpossible

We Will Rock You / Ram 1500

How many Vikings will fit in a 2019 Ram 1500? This one-minute commercial is more fun than emotional, and it will give you an idea of cargo space, towing capability and how many fish will fit in a Ram Box. Yep, the new Ram is “Built for the Unexpected.” Want to watch the full two-minute version? Click here.

Built to Serve / Ram 1500

Probably the singularly most polarizing advertisement of Super Bowl LII, what Ram intended and what was perceived are at opposite ends of the scale. The commercial was supposed to highlight the spirit of volunteerism, but social media was outraged by the use of Martin Luther King Jr.’s voice to sell trucks. Curious about the conversation on Twitter? Search Ram MLK.