American Pickers looking for places to film in New York in May

American Pickers.jpg
(Photo: History Channel)

(WHAM) - The popular TV series American Pickers is returning to New York to find its latest collection.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are returning to New York and New Jersey in May, and are in need of some places to check out.

In January 2013, the owners of Mom, Pop, And Tot Antique Shoppe in Hilton had their collection on the broadcast. During their upcoming visit, producers mandate that no stores will be considered for the show; only private collections from individuals will be visited.

If you think your collection is something of interest, you can call the producers of the show at (855) OLD RUST or email them here.

More information about the show and what might be of interest can be found here.

The show airs on the History Channel.