Corning Museum of Glass to be featured in upcoming Netflix series

Blown Away promo shot.jpg
YouTube Host Nick Uhas (far right), resident glass-master Katherine Gray (middle right) and guest judge Christopher Taylor, Pilchuck Glass School (third from right) evaluate exceptional pieces of art made by competitors in Blown Away, the first-of-its-kind glass blowing series. (Photo: Blue Ant Media)

Corning, N.Y. (WHAM) - A popular tourist destination in New York's Southern Tier will be making its Netflix debut later this year.

The Corning Museum of Glass will be featured in a new series called Blown Away, which is scheduled to debut on February 20 on Makeful, a cable channel in Canada. It is scheduled to be released on Netflix in the spring.

The series follows ten glass blowers as they compete against one another for bragging rights, prizes and a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Each episode follows the contestants as they undergo a challenge to design, create and present a work of glass in four hours. The space allows each person to work in their own reheating furnaces and work stations while sharing two large glass-melting furnaces.

Reality TV star Nick Uhas and glassblowing professional Katherine Gray serve as the main judges, while a series of "all star guest evaluators" come through the series.

Blown Away is a co-production between Blue Ant Media and Netflix. The production studio marblemedia created and produced the series.