Cuomo extends vehicle inspection, registration expiration dates, DMV delays the reason?

Governor Cuomo has extended the expiration date of vehicle inspection, registrations, and drivers licenses to November 3rd. Could delays at NYS DMV locations be the reason?{ }

Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again extended the expiration date of vehicle inspections, registrations, and driver licenses for another month.

On Monday, Cuomo signed an executive order changing the expiration date to November 3rd. The original order was set to expire October 4th.

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The goal for the extension is to encourage New Yorkers to stay home in order to minimize the spread of covid-19.

However, Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola doesn't believe that's the real reason.

"That may be the goal but really it's because they're so far behind, everything is back logged," said Merola.

"I think the state offices are so far behind on registration and allowing people to come in and register their cars, they don’t want a mad scene down there," said Merola.

New York State DMV offices have been faced with massive delays in getting transactions completed.

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Albany County residents have reached out to CBS6 telling us that they've waited weeks to months.

State-run DMV locations like the one on Central Avenue in Albany are still operating under heavy restrictions, providing only a limited number of in-person services. The rest either need to be done online or mailed in.

But by extending a vehicle's inspection yet again, Tom Aidala, an auto technician with Walter's Auto Body in Schenectady, says it could be putting motorists at risk.

"There will be things that could go wrong with the vehicle where the owner of the vehicle simply may not know," said Aidala. "A lot of people don’t know if their tires are worn to the point where it won’t be safe in bad weather until it’s too late."

With winter just a couple months away, Aidala tells CBS6's Briana Supardi that it's crucial to get vehicles inspected before the bitter cold weather hits, especially if the vehicle has been sitting unused for a long time.

"Another thing in this area especially is this state, we use a lot of salt on the road , there are brake system components that corrode and rust and can leak and the brakes may not be effective," said Aidala.

CBS6 reached out to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle for comment on the governor's extension and to find out what the waiting period is now. They tell us they're currently working on getting a response back to us.