June warm up on the way!

5 Day Temps.png
Warmer This Week

(WHAM) - May started out the coldest in history during its first two weeks but made a warm recovery the second half of the month.

Overall, May was 2 degrees below average in temperature and dry with less than 2" of rain. The hottest temperature was 93 degrees on the 26th and the coldest was a record low of 27 degrees on the morning of the 13th.

Now we turn our attention to June and the promise of much warmer air! Most summers feature Rochester's most consistent weather with plenty of sunny days and warm temperatures.

We're expecting a modest warm up this week with the mercury nearing 80 degrees by the end of the week.

The long range upper air pattern is indicating a huge amplification in the jet stream in OUR favor! Huge high pressure will park over the East Coast which will once again push Rochester's temperatures well into the 80s and possible 90s by the June 10-12 timeframe.

Obviously it's too early to know the specifics but stay with the Weather Authority for all the latest forecast information!