Monroe Co. Sheriff agrees with NYPD call to end Google disclosure of DWI checkpoints

(SBG file photo)

(WHAM) - Police in New York City are demanding that Google end the practice of sharing locations of DWI.

Google's navigation app Waze allows users to mark and share locations of hazards or closed roads.

The app also allows the disclosure of police investigations - including the checkpoints and speed traps.

In a letter sent to Google, the NYPD accuses Google of providing "irresponsible and dangerous" information that could allow drunk drivers to avoid detection.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said the app could also hurt other police investigations.

"There might be other reasons we're doing checkpoints," Baxter said Thursday. "They might think we're doing it for DWI but there might be a homicide down the road and we're looking for a specific person, or we're doing a check point because we're looking for a missing kid."

Waze does not single out hazards as DWI checkpoints, but people who use the app can leave detailed comments with that information.

Google has not said whether it will comply, but has resisted previous requests from other police organizations.