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Morelle to co-author articles of impeachment against Pres. Trump

Joe Morelle C2C.jpg
Rep. Joe Morelle (WHAM file photo)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Congressman Joe Morelle said he will co-author articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

In an interview with 13WHAM News Friday morning, the Democratic Congressman says even with just 12 days left of Trump's term, Congress must act.

"I do think he remains a clear and present danger," said Morelle, who represents New York's 25th District. "I think we have to make the statement that when the president seeks to create insurrection against his own government, a government which he is partner, then that indicates he no longer is worthy of fulfilling the duties of the presidency and he's clearly violated his oath."

The articles could be introduced as soon as Monday with a vote by mid-week. Morelle says he also support invoking the 25th Amendment in which the vice president and cabinet can remove the president.

"There is still a long time between now and inauguration day so I think those things are still on the table. You see cabinet secretaries resigning in disgust with the president, his closest people," said Morelle.

The Congressman also says a top-to-bottom review of security at the Capitol is necessary. Pro-Trump rioters breached the building killing one police officer.

"The Capitol police were completely unprepared. I think you saw yesterday the House Sergeant at Arms resigned, the Capitol police chief resigned. I suspect the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate will either resign or be dismissed and there will be a very, very thorough investigation of what happened," said Morelle.

In the meantime, new security measures now surround the center of American democracy.

"The fact that we now are erecting barriers to that symbol and that building is heartbreaking. Given where we are right now, given the instability of the individual in the oval office I think it is necessary," said Congressman Morelle.