NYDOL says $300 payments to start next week


ALBANY, NY (WRGB) The NYS department of Labor announced that payments for the $300 in lost wages will begin next week.

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“Throughout this crisis, states’ unemployment systems have been pushed to the limit and constantly-changing federal guidance — including this haphazard Presidential executive order — have only delayed our efforts to get benefits to New Yorkers in need. But we have worked day and night to stand up this program, and millions of New Yorkers will see payments next week,” Commissioner Roberta Reardon said. “We are emailing all New Yorkers who are receiving benefits to inform them of their status and, if needed, provide information about certifying for the Lost Wages Assistance program. All New Yorkers should keep an eye out for these messages and, if an additional certification is required, respond immediately.”

The Department of Labor says that up to 2.4 million New Yorkers may be eligible.

According to the Department of Labor, as many as 2 million are already qualified as the indicated that their unemployment was connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those people should receive payments "next week" and should expect an email or text message stating that they qualify.

However. some may need to submit additional information. Starting Friday those people can call 833-491-0632 or go to the Department of Labor website to update. We're told that as long as those people get their information updated by 5:00 PM September 15th , they should receiving a payment next week.