Scottsville woman lands role in Jeff Goldblum movie

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Scottsville's Ethel Chadwick was cast as an extra in a film with Jeff Goldblum (provided photo)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - A Scottsville woman will hit the big screen this summer after she landed a role as an extra in a film called “The Mountain.”

The film stars actor Jeff Goldblum. He plays a renowned lobotomist promoting his recently-debunked procedure.

Scottsville's Ethel Chadwick was originally cast as a mental patient.

"I was going to be in a group scene with several mental patients,” said Chadwick.

That role was her only one - until one of the casting directors approached her.

"He said, 'We'd like you to dance with Jeff Goldblum this afternoon.' I'm like 'Me?,'" she said.

Chadwick was whisked away to wardrobe.

"They put this dress on me, they put false eyelashes on me, they whisked my hair up, they did my make-up. They turned me into this amazing, beautiful woman,” she said.

That afternoon she found herself in a scene dancing alongside Jeff Goldblum.

"It was all so natural and he was a perfect gentleman. We did the scene like four times and each time he danced differently with me,” she said.

Chadwick, a retired administrative assistant with Eastman Kodak, was looking for hobbies, so she signed on with a talent agency. The film was shot in Willard and Ovid in 2017 and it was her very first role.

She still gets emails for new films, but admits this experience will be hard to beat.

"It might happen again sometime, but I don't think anyone can top Jeff Goldblum,” said Chadwick.

"The Mountain" opens in theaters on July 26th. Chadwick's one regret is that she didn't get a photo with Goldblum. She hopes they can reunite and get that photo when he performs at the CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival next month.