Suspects accused of stealing toys from Pirate Toy Fund box at Eastview Mall

EVM Toy Larceny 1.jpg
(Photo: Eastview Mall / Ontario County Sheriff's Office)

Victor, N.Y. (WHAM) - Investigators with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office are searching for multiple suspects accused of stealing toys from a donation box at Eastview Mall.

According to deputies, this happened Sunday morning. An unknown group of suspects took multiple toys from the Pirate Toy Fund chest at Eastview Mall, placed them into shopping bags, and left the mall.

Deputies said the suspects then loaded the toys in a dark-colored vehicle with out of state license plates and left. Surveillance video details the incident; investigators said the photos given to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office were the best ones that could be provided.

Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson said the group that took the toys appears to be a family of Indian descent; one of the people with the group appeared to be under the age of 10.

The vehicle was determined to have been rented from a rental car company in Ottawa, Canada. Police in Ottawa are waiting for the family to return the vehicle so the investigating deputy can speak with them.

There have been no arrests, according to Henderson.

Pirate Toy Fund representatives said they do not want to press charges against anyone, but would simply like the toys to be returned if they were not taken for a legitimate purpose.

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