5-ton military truck stolen from parking lot found abandoned in snow

A 5-ton military truck that was stolen from a Monroe business was found abandoned in Skykomish. (Photo: David Beckebaugh)

MONROE, Wash. (KOMO)- A 5-ton military truck that was stolen from a Monroe business has been found abandoned in the Cascade foothills.

The person who found it said it was ditched in the snow on Foss River Road near Skykomish.

The truck belonged to Shannon Jelenek, the owner of Armageddon Arms. He used it to advertise for his store.

Jelenek told KOMO News several hours passed Saturday before he even realized the truck was gone.

Once he reported the truck had been stolen, sightings started pouring in online from all over the area, he said.

"There’s actually a video that was posted," Jelenek said while pointing to a video that a Facebook user had posted online. "People were coming up behind it. There was actually a truck towing it with a tow strap at the time."

Jelenek said he parked the truck in its usual spot at around 9 a.m. Saturday and went to work. When he came back out at around p.m., the truck was nowhere to be found.

"I’m pretty amazed by it," Jelenek said. "I get that people like it. I really do because I like it. So, I understand that part of it. The whole theft thing I’m not a huge fan. Obviously, I don’t like having things stolen."

Jelenek bought the truck 3 years ago. Employees quickly gave it the nickname 'Kindness'.

"Kindness is missing in Monroe," an employee said Sunday when the truck was still missing.

What’s ironic is Jelenek said he would have taken the thief for a ride himself. All they needed to do is ask, he said.

"They could have asked, yeah," Jelenek said with a chuckle. "You know, if they need help moving I would have helped them move with it."

Jelenek hopes the truck is still in good working order as he plans to use it to advertise again.