A professor told Asian-Americans to 'go back to your country.' She is now on leave

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A professor told Asian-Americans to 'go back to your country,' she is now on leave (Photo: Facebook screenshot)

(Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Tony Kao posted a 30-second video of community college professor Tarin Olson telling him and his wife to "go back to your home country." The video has been viewed over 600,000 times and the professor involved is now on leave.

Wes Bryan, president of Golden West College where Olson teaches, said a tweet: "one person's comments do not define us."

Kao, who posted the video on March 1, wrote in a Facebook post: "We encountered a bigot and a racist today in our neighborhood in Long Beach. During our normal afternoon walk with my wife and daughter in our neighborhood, a caucasian female walked passed us completely unprovoked and said to us very nonchalantly, "Go Back To Your Country!" and continued walking!"

In the video, Olson can be seen walking away from Kao saying, "Oh, you're going to take my photo now."

Olson goes on to say, "You need to go back to your home country."

When asked by Kao what she means by that statement, Olson says she will explain once Kao stops recording her.

Olson told CBS Los Angeles that her perspective has been twisted and that the video is skewed.

"(The video) cut out part of the incident," she told the television station. "If you would like to have a full normal interview about the displacement of European-Americans then I gladly am available to enlighten the public."

Kao updated his Facebook post that he has "NO intention of seeking out or besmirching the offender’s personal life or career. It is our hope the offender is aware and apologetic for what she has said to us, but all we can do is hope."

Despite his request, thousands of commenters on the Facebook video have posted pictures of her LinkedIn profile as well as personal details about her identity and what she does.