Indiana police department 'arrests' Prince Hans of 'Frozen' for cold weather

Indiana police department 'arrests' Prince Hans of 'Frozen' for cold weather, (Courtesy: Seymour Police Department){ }{ }

Many people across the country are dealing with unusual winter weather. That's why the Seymour Police Department in Indiana decided to hold whoever is responsible, accountable for their chilling actions.

It started on Thursday when the department blasted wanted posters for Queen Elsa of Arendelle on the department's Facebook Page. Elsa is the star of the popular movie 'Frozen', known for bringing icy conditions in the middle of summer.

Once the post went up, tips started piling in and not just from people in Indiana, from people across the country.

Luckily, for the people not enjoying the cold, an arrest was made Saturday night. The man charged in the case: Prince Hans. The prince is a villain in the popular animated film.

"Hans faces preliminary charges of Criminal Confinement, False Informing, as well as the unlawful manipulation of Elsa in an attempt to overthrow Arendelle," the post said.

For Queen Elsa, she's been questioned and released and is expected to bring back manageable temperatures.