Parents beware: Scorching temperatures make for even hotter playground equipment

Heat gun.PNG
A heat gun at Peaks View Park read 153 degrees on the slide Tuesday (WSET).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- With these scorching temperatures, surfaces outside may be more dangerous than you think.

Experts say that any object that can reach 120 degrees can burn a child quickly.

Tonya Freitas made sure she brought extra water for her four children when they headed to the park Tuesday.

"The kids and I had to get out of the house, we hadn't expected it to be quite this hot, but we just went for it," Freitas said. "We're making sure to get into the shade plenty, but we're having a good time."

Running back and forth from the playground, the kids made sure to seek out shade.

"The slides are too hot," one of the children said.

Brothers Danny and Davy said it was too hot to go down.

"Oh it's pretty hot," the boys said. "If I actually had put my legs on it, I'd be sizzling."

At the time, a heat gun registered the slide at 158 degrees.

"If i had any idea it was that hot, I would have warned my kids upfront not to use the slides, fortunately they didn't try," Freitas said.

It was the same story on the metal seesaw, which was 153 degrees.

"Ouch that is hot," little Davy exclaimed.

Others decided to stay cool in the pool.

"Trying to stay cool," Holly Higgimbotham said while at the pool with her family.

The pavement right next to where she was taking a dip came in at 110 degrees.

During extreme temperatures like this, it is best to make sure you are staying in the shade and drinking plenty of water.