PHOTOS: San Antonio Zoo adopts two Asian elephants

(Photo: San Antonio Zoo)

The San Antonio Zoo just got the best Valentine's Day present for the Alamo City. The zoo adopted two Asian elephants named Karen and Nicole.

Animal care specialists provided the elephants with Valentine's-themed animal enrichment to mark the occasion. The pair had been on loan to the zoo from Feld Entertainment's "Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation" since 2016, specifically selected to become companions for the zoo's 58-year-old Asian elephant Lucky.

The three elephants, affectionately referred to as the Golden Girls, have bonded and demonstrated a connection that has exceeded expectations.

“Uniting Lucky with Karen and Nicole has been a wonderful match,” said Tim Morrow, Executive Director and CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “Karen and Nicole were previously companions at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, so not only were we able to keep the two of them together, but we also helped them welcome Lucky into their circle. This was a critical point of evaluation for us to ensure a healthy emotional connection for all three elephants.”

Zoo guests are currently able to visit the trio at the zoo's elephant habitat.