Right call to wrong number leads to woman's rescue

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (KUTV) Halene Johnson, 80, fell in her house early Wednesday morning. She’d been on the floor for hours when she managed to get to her phone to call her son.

She got one of the numbers mixed up and ended up calling the wrong number – but the right person to help her.

On the other line, was Detective Dana Pugmire of the West Valley City Police Department. He was assisting another officer at a traffic stop when the call came in.

Halene told him she had fallen and couldn’t get up.

“She was in distress,” Pugmire said.

He asked a few questions and realized Johnson needed paramedics.

He kept Halene on the line, trying to do small talk to keep her calm.

He used his radio to tell West Valley Dispatchers to send help to Johnson’ s Taylorsville, Utah, house.

He stayed on the line with her until he was sure paramedics were in the house with Johnson.

After talking to her on the phone, he realized he and her son have similar phone numbers.

He later called her son, Ron Gomez, to tell him about the mix-up.

“I thought it was amazing. Wow. What a lucky wrong number,” Gomez said, sitting at his mother’s bedside at the hospital.

Johnson was not seriously hurt in the fall; no broken bones.

She was thankful she accidentally called Pugmire.

“I just think this was a very special person to have been so kind,” she said.