Teens take time out on snow day to help man in need, and vice versa

boys working COLLAGE.jpg

For the most part, Salem did not see anywhere near the amount of snow that fell in the Portland area from Tuesday night into Wednesday.

But many children certainly enjoyed getting a day off from school.

KATU talked with one group of kids that took time out from their snow day to help a man in need, and vice versa.

Joseph Kyllingmark, who's retired and wheelchair-bound, is coping with Parkinson's disease. He relies on the ramp outside his Northeast Salem home.

"It's the only way on the wheelchair to get into the house," Kyllingmark told KATU. "If it's snowy and icy I stay off of there."

After the snow storm left the ramp unusable for Kyllingmark, 16-year-old Christopher Mitchell and his friends decided to take action.

The three boys, including Kyllingmark's son, need help paying for a planned church trip to Norway later this year, so they're lending a hand to people like Kyllingmark. And he's helping them.

Kyllingmark, who worships with the teens at the Brunstad Christian Church in Salem, gave them $10 each.

He said they were a big help clearing the ramp of snow and ice and doing other chores around the house.

"All the trash is gone that was here. I don't have energy to go pick that stuff up anymore," Kyllingmark said. “Our main leader in Norway said if you have kids working hard all day they’ll only have so much energy left to get in trouble at night.”

"It's nice to get outside and actually do something and make some money and also help out people," said Mitchell. “They have to have this ramp here in order to get him down.”