Three generations, same birthday, all delivered by the same doctor 43-years apart

three geneatons.PNG
three geneatons.PNG

This triple-play took 43 years to accomplish but only one doctor made it all happen, but it wasn't planned that way.

On three different February firsts, three different generations of Wallace men entered the world.

"It’s all about this little fella, and that little fella, and that big fella," Dr. Fred Diegmann of Infirmary Health at Thomas Hospital said, pointing to all three generations.

Not only does Larry (grandfather), Webb (father), and newborn Weston share the same birthday - Diegmann delivered all three at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, Ala.

"I delivered him in 1975 February the first, then the story got bigger. I delivered him on February the first 1999. And this little rascal came February the first of '18," said Diegmann.

"I was just overwhelmed with emotion and thoughts that how could that even," Larry, Weston's grandfather, said. "I got to thinking how could that happen with me and then Webb and Weston so it was really cool."

All three are first-born sons. Newborn Weston was actually due on another day.

"It was Feb. 9 originally -- I was like wouldn’t it be awesome if the baby could actually come on Feb. 1," Larry said.

Dr. D was not originally supposed to be Weston’s’ doctor, but he was on call due to their primary OB-GYN being unavailable.

"It wasn’t planned at all I didn’t even know anything about this until she was in labor," Dr. Diegmann said.

"His partner was her doctor," Larry added.

Webb, Weston's father, was even surprised by the news.

"I didn’t know Diegmann was going to do it until he was in the room," Webb said.

The Fairhope family trifecta went viral on the internet with more than 100,000 views on Facebook after Weston’s birth.

"I felt like it would get some attraction but not this much attraction," Larry said through tears of joy in is eyes. "I mean it’s just exciting to watch the kids grow up and start their own families."

As for the new father, he told NBC 15 he's ready for the next chapter.

"I love him so much already," Webb said. "I’m ready for us to get home and really start our life you know?"

Dr. Diegmann says he will continue to deliver babies and that maybe, one day, little Weston may one day hold his own son with his dad and granddad.