Two fawns rescued by police officers after falling into swimming pool

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 6.52.21 AM.png
Two fawns rescued by police officers after they fell into a swimming pool on August 30, 2020. (Courtesy: City of Parma Police Department)

PHARMA, Ohio (SBG) — Police officers in Ohio made a "deering" rescue!

Officers say they were called to the scene for two fawns that had fallen into a swimming pool and were fighting for their lives on Aug. 30.

The homeowner told officials she had attempted for over an hour to rescue them herself before making the desperate call.

The rescue was caught on police cam and shared by the department on Facebook. The officers are seen in the video gently roping the fawns and releasing them back into the wild. Officers say the fawns let out a "cheer" at their release.

"The deer were tired, but happy, as you can hear them let out a “cheer” of appreciation after being rescued!" the City of Parma Police Department posted on Facebook.